Saturday, June 6, 2015

More pinafores

Isn't it amazing how different fabric qualities, colors and details can make the very same pattern into completely different items? For my boys, I sew every pattern at least twice, of course. But even when I sew gifts for other kids, I tend to make varieties of the same patterns over and over. I've sewn several varieties of cozy car caddies, a number of hats, tons of neckerchiefs... And one pattern I just adore for little girls is the pinafore by Smashed Peas and Carrots. I've already shared the first one I made a year ago, and here are two more I've made since:

On a pattern like this, where everything is cut in one piece, fussy cutting is somewhat limited,
but I think it turned out pretty cute, even on the back. While number 2 is reversible, I didn't add any embroidery to the second side this time, as I find the main fabric too cute to be hidden inside.

By contrast, for number 3 I chose a fairly plain fabric that would serve as a canvas for applique again. I had a scrap of this wonderful flower corduroy in my scrap drawer that matched the main, dotted corduroy perfectly. And those bright red Kam Snaps just add that little bit of pop needed at the top.

So after trying quilting cotton and corduroy, what's next? Maybe a cuddly minky? Or summery terry cloth? How about some shiny satin? Ah, probably not. But this wonderful pattern is so quick and easy to sew, I'm sure these won't be the last ones...

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