Friday, February 13, 2015


I love making (and actually also wearing) costumes, so Karneval is is always lots of fun for me. This year my boys are finally old enough to really join the fun. When I asked them what costumes they wanted me to make them, their ideas were pretty straight-forward: A cuddly blue cat for E and an astronaut for L.

Meow... Ready for take off... Karneval costumes || Twice the Fun

And I must say
I had a blast making these costumes! And my kids? They looooooove them :-) E told me at least two dozen times: "Thanks mommy for making my costume. It's just what I wanted. It's so cool!" Isn't he the sweetest? <3

Cat and astronaut costumes || Twice the fun

This season of Kid's Clothes Week was perfect timing for sewing "Karneval" costumes. For my personal schedule, it was not as perfect. KCW is about sewing kids' clothes for at least 1 hour per day for 7 days, so let's see how I did last week:
  • Monday: Last minute sewing project for my dear mother-in-law's birthday (a ruffled apron plus double oven mitt)
  • Tuesday: Very last minute finishing of said gift
  • Wednesday: Ran errands with the kids all day, fell asleep at 8pm. Seriously.
  • Thursday: E had decided to take a nap this afternoon and did not fall asleep until 8.20pm. At 8.45pm, L decided he was done sleeping. After nearly two hours of fighting kids to sleep, I crashed on the couch. Watched a movie. Don't remember the title or what it was about.
  • Friday: I actually considered starting to sew those costumes. Considered is the key word here.
  • Saturday: Blah.
  • Sunday: Were invited to a wonderful 3rd birthday party. Came home in a good mood. Didn't sew. 
Not a single minute of sewing kid's clothes last week (although I'm pretty happy about the birthday present I whipped up ;-)). Maybe this challenge thing just isn't right for me? Let's have a look at this week (without an online sewing challenge going on for me):
  • Monday: Ordered plaster cast for L's astronaut helmet. Okay, that was a start. A pretty late start, but definitely a start.
  • Tuesday: Realized that the kindergarten's Karneval party was planned for Wednesday, not Thursday as I had been thinking all along. SEWED THE WHOLE NIGHT. FINISHED TWO COSTUMES (minus astronaut helmet - the plaster cast hadn't arrived yet, but a simple photo prop style mask worked out fine, L wore it all day).
  • Wednesday: Washed the costumes. Started making the astronaut helmet. Plaster cast is a great material to work with. Mental note: make more helmets.
  • Thursday: Kids dressed up as doctors for kindergarten. I ironed the "original" costumes, had a friend over for breakfast, used a ton of duct tape to make astronaut accessories, blow dried the helmet and decorated it (yes, more duct tape). WON 1ST PRIZE AT KIDS' CAFE'S KARNEVAL PARTY. Yessss :-)
Proud costume contest winner! || Twice the Fun

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