Monday, January 19, 2015

...and more cozy car caddies

So one of my new year's resolutions (of all the resolutions I had resolved NOT to make this year ;-)) was to finally get some things up on this blog that I made last year but never found the time to blog about. Btw, time management is another thing I resolved not to make a resolution about. Okay, I'll stop before my head starts spinning. Here's something I made last year:

I've already written about the first car caddy I made, and how much I loved the tutorial. So let me show you three more. Number 2 was for a sweet little girl who loves Australia:

The pockets can also hold
small plastic animals (like the smaller ones from Schleich). On second thought, I probably should have replaced the road by some nature scenery, I almost pity that little kangaroo ;-)

The third car caddy was for my boys' best friend who never leaves the house without his little monkey, Coco:

And a little later last year, I made another one, this time for one of my oldest friends' little boy:

Cozy car caddy no. 4 | Twice the fun

I love how all four versions turned out so differently just by picking different fabrics and colors. I think I might try a different theme for a similar caddy for my boys, maybe a farmyard scene or a construction site? I'm also thinking about how to make a version that allows for 2 (or more?) play mats to be joined if the kids want to play together, maybe even with additional play mats that can be combined into a larger mat? On the other hand, my boys have been asking me to make them car caddies just like these, so to not disappoint them, I should probably not change the design all too much. And have I mentioned how much I love the tutorial?

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