Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Less words, more pictures today :-) Last week, I sewed up this pinafore for our friends' cute little girl.

I had been tempted to buy this lovely fabric (from the Nördika Collection by Jeni Baker for Art Gallery Fabrics) for a while, but never really knew what to do with it. Now seeing how it looks in a little dress, I guess I'll have to buy some more for myself to make a skirt - or even a dress? ;-)

To make it reversible, I used Kam Snaps instead of buttons, and did some applique with cutouts from the Nördika fabric on the orange dotted fabric I chose for the second side.

When I cut it, I couldn't quite imagine what direction the pattern on the fabric would go on the back, as I decided to cut it all in one piece and then the sides are crossed over and attached to the front. Logically (at least to a non-sleep-deprived mind ;-)) the fabric is off at an angle on the back, but I think it's pretty cute anyway.

I found the free pattern and tutorial at Smashed Peas and Carrots (which has tons more cool tutorials) - and loved it! The PDF pattern is for 6-12 months, but if you read on in the blog, you'll see pictures of how this turns into a top and can actually be worn quite a long time. The instructions are really easy to follow, and the pinafore sews up pretty quickly. Actually, I liked it so much, I'm making a second one for another friend's little girl...

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