Tuesday, April 1, 2014

We're in kindergarten now!

Okay, so here it is. My first blog post. I've been planning to start this blog for quite a while now, but never really found the time to actually get it going. And suddenly, I have a tiny little bit of time to myself. Because my boys are now in kindergarten! Wow, what a huge step. Guess I haven't quite realized what it means yet.

But well, time for my first little show-and-tell. Ta-da:

I sewed little backpacks for my boys. The pattern is lillesol & pelle's "Kindergartenrucksack Rudi". I bought the ebook 1 1/2 years ago, knowing that it would take me some time to finish the bags. And then (suddenly?!) the big day was there - and I had to sew until 6 in the morning to make it in time. Kindergarten started at 9, so I still had time for a short nap, a cup of coffee and a shower. Strange how I need close deadlines to complete some projects...

This was one of the biggest sewing projects I've done so far. I wasn't sure I had all the skills I needed, so I learned a lot, and I think the backpacks turned out quite okay. To be honest, I'm not all too happy with the rounded corners. They don't look very tidy, and I'm sure with more experience, more time and more patience, I could do better. Or next time, I'll choose a project with boxed corners instead of rounded ones ;-) Although that would be quite a pity, because the pattern is really cute with lots of adorable details, and the instructions are very precise and easy to follow.

On the other hand, I think I did a good job fussy cutting the fabric, and I like my fabric choices. This is always the most exciting part, isn't it? Imagining what the completed project will look like and picking fabrics that go well together. It's also the part that takes up most of the time. I can't even remember how many different combinations I chose and discarded before finally settling on this one. When I was sure about the "lab animals" (Michael Miller) and the "zoofari animal names" (Riley Blake) fabrics, the rest was really easy. L loves green, so that solid was an easy choice, and as I didn't want the other one to be all blue, I chose a little yellow for contrast with E's backpack.

The kids love them and run around wearing them all day. Could there be a better reward?

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