Monday, October 27, 2014

Fly me to the moon...

During Kid's Clothes Week October 2014, I made some new hats and neckwarmers for my little astronauts:

About half a year ago, in spring, we found out that we could not reach the moon, no matter how hard we tried. L is a huge fan of the moon, and when he asked me to let him touch the moon, I told him he'd have to become an astronaut if he wanted to touch the moon. So that's set, he's already planning it all out. He'll fly the spaceship, and E will sit next to him. If I'm nice, I can come too. And then we'll all go to the moon. Pretty simple, huh?

So when I came across this lovely space themed jersey knit, I just couldn't resist. And it's perfect for the hats and neckwarmers I like making so much - this is the third or fourth set I've made so far, and I'll probably make some more... The hat pattern is from Klimperklein (really my all-time favorite hat pattern!), and the neckwarmer is just made from two 50 cm x 20 cm rectangles sewn together into an infinity scarf. There's an excellent video tutorial on the Dawanda blog (it's in German, but the step-by-step demonstration is pretty clear, even if you don't speak German). The kid-sized version works the same, it's only much shorter because it's not wrapped around the neck twice. I only made one little change (as usual...). Instead of closing the opening by machine, I like hand stitching it with a ladder stitch, because it doesn't take much more time but looks a lot better - it's actually nearly invisible.

To hide it even more, I place the opening on the inside of the hat, just above the cuff (the part of the lining that's turned up toward the visible side).

The other two projects I planned for KCW - Eric Carle inspired birthday shirts and cuddly fleece jackets - aren't finished yet, but at least I've made some really good progress on both. I'm confident I'll be able finish them soon :-)

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