Saturday, May 31, 2014

UFOs everywhere

As promised in my last post, I've started putting together a list of all my UFOs - unfinished objects - or at least those ones that I'm still keeping and trying to finish...

Okay, so first the ones I've already started on, in loose order:
  • a draped top for myself (pattern from, I've already finished one, and loooove wearing it :-))
  • two fabric photo books (cool, twice the fun means 16 photo "pockets" in this case - this project will take me forever...)
  • two pairs of sweatpants (pattern in Ottobre 1/ 2014, I wrote about these earlier)
  • a Caitlyn Handbag (pattern by Betz White)
  • a Baby Butterfly Toy (pattern by Abby Glassenberg)
  • a second microwaveable terrycloth dinosaur (pattern from Bettina Schons' book "Meine Kuschelfreunde", I finished one ages ago but never got round to finishing the second one)
  • two padded linings to turn the boys' beds into comfy "sofas" (I didn't use a pattern for these, might write a tutorial when they're finished)
  • another giant crochet bear (from Stacey Trock's Craftsy class "Amigurumi: Woodland Animals", I already made one last year)
And here are the ones I've started gathering materials for, but haven't actually started:
  • two bucket hats for my boys (pattern from Oliver + S)
  • "a couple of" A-line skirts for myself (will have to draft the pattern for my measurements after Deborah Moebes' Craftsy Class "Design and Sew an A-Line Skirt", but I have at least 2 pieces of fabric lying around for these)
I'd say I'll be busy with these UFOs for quite a while... Unless I come across some other cool project that I'll want to finish first ;-)

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